Feature Ideas

Let us know what you'd like to see in a future release of HaloPSA

  1. Desktop Tray Icon for the Halo application

    We currently have the chat facility accessible via the Self Service portal however most of our clients do not use this as they find it easier to contact us via email. It would be a game changer if Halo could have a desktop feature where a 'Tray Icon' can be placed on the users Task bar and when expanded, quick access to a few frequent options could be accessible. For example: 'Log a ticket', 'View my tickets', Chat to an Agent', Knowledge Articles' etc. With end user experience in mind, it would be great for users to engage directly with our team rather than the tradtional email process. This would boost turnaround times as well as customer satisfaction. Attached is an example of another MSP software platform where there desktop tray icon is available.

    Natalie N
    #Servicedesk 💁🏽#Self-Service Portal 🌍


  2. A working mobile app

    A full functioning mobile app that doesn't require you to go to the browser version on your phone for 90% of your needs.

    Chad H


  3. Secure Password Sending

    Have a secure way of sending passwords to Customers. Via a button in Halo, where you'd type in a password, it'd generate a secure link and embed it into the body of the email - then when the user clicks on the link, they are prompted to enter the ticket number for it. Or are forced into an area of the portal to retrieve the portal. Something like the attached maybe as options

    Matt D
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  4. Implement message threading on outgoing emails

    Outgoing emails don't have required headers to allow email clients to group them by conversation, please implement this in Halo!

    Mikey O
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  5. Enhanced To-Do List

    We heavily use to-do's as a way of creating checklists on common steps. However, a lot of our clients require unique custom checklists. We use IT Glue currently for this and it allows not only a to-do, but it allows that to-do to be expanded detailed steps (written in HTML). What I would like to see is the following To-dos have their own tab in tickets and not just a sidebar. To-do's can be expanded to show links or steps (See screenshot of Glue) To-dos once completed hide from the list To-do's that can be associated with a client site and be templated To-Do templates can be grouped

    Glyn W
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  6. Change dark mode font for the color blind

    Dark mode has red text on a dark background. Its extremely difficult to read if you're red green color blind. A light grey font on a dark background would work, or many other font colors.

    Richard R


  7. The ability to allow dashboard filters to filter based on 'contains' or 'starts with'

    The ability to filter dashboard data based on 'contains' or 'starts with' provides greater flexibility and control to users looking at reports. For example, if a column has more than one asset in it when you filter one of these assets it currently will not display the results which contain that asset and another. This feature would allow this filter to work more dynamically.

    Eliza M
    #Misc 🤷#Self-Service Portal 🌍


  8. Integration with SentinelOne

    Would be extremely handy to have integration with SentinelOne Much the same way ingram works, so it can be used as a sub count against recurring invoices. Would love the ability to map manually like the Ingram connector also SentinelOne is one of the biggest security providers in the world Surely a lot of people could benefit

    Andrew H
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  9. Update Domotz Integration - Allow Filtering for Importing Assets

    The Domotz integration works pretty well, but its missing the ability to filter assets being imported. Since Domotz will scan entire subnets and ingest large numbers of devices - it can easily flood HaloPSA with a bunch of Assets that we do not actually want to import. Unfortunately, the current integration doesn't let us filter these assets at all - just sort them by asset types. Domotz has a native tagging system that is generally used to mark its assets as "important". It would be great if we could filter the assets being imported by different fields that are compared from Domotoz such as this tag, but it would also be useful to be able to say only import assets of certain types as well. This will help keep HaloPSA clean and make it easy to bill based on Domotz Assets without accidentally grabbing incorrect devices that were recently discovered.

    Arthur E
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  10. More options for scheduled tickets

    Have an option to schedule a ticket for a specific day rather than a recurring ticket thats scheduled for every 1st of the month for example. It would be useful for one off tickets that need to be started weeks into the future

    Will Y
    #Servicedesk 💁🏽


  11. Overdue invoice reminder emails

    Have the ability to send overdue invoice reminders to customers based on a specified timeframe.

    Jacob T
    #Billing 💰


  12. Better HTML Editor

    The HTML editor chosen for use across HaloPSA lacks and has a terrible time copying data from Word Docs. I would love to see an improved or replace HTML editor across HaloPSA, especially in Knowledge Base Articles.

    Josiah S


  13. Multiple suggestions for projects module

    Projects need stages to group tasks Tasks need to be ordered No way to bulk slide task dates if there is no date to start with. Calendar view needs to be more interactive, drag/drop tasks, etc It would be nice to see all notes on child tickets at the parent level. ...in other words, I should be able to look at the top level project and see a summary of all the notes/conversations that are happening on each task.

    Luke P
    #Project Management 📒


  14. Allow multiple statuses to mean closed

    Mark multiple statuses as closed. Like in the quote section. We use halo for 2 departements. Our end user facing customer support and our internal it department. Both departments use different names for the statuses. But now we are bound to use the same closed status because otherwise Halo won't flag those tickets with a custom closed status as closed. The end user in the ssp won't see their closed ticket under the closed ticket dropdown and when doing reporting on closed tickets these tickets are not counted.

    Mansy P
    #Servicedesk 💁🏽


  15. Better 3CX Integration

    The call handling screen is great But I'd like the ability to create a 3CX Call Flow App where the call history is recorded directly against the customer/site/contact if using a DID Also need to be able to log this to the agents timesheet, overlaying the activity of thr agent. This call history should optionally be used for billing clients who are in Pay as you Go. Clients make many calls, at times without needing a ticket. This should be billable depending on the clients contract etc If a ticket is overlapping the time period of a ticket assigned to the customer, and for the same agent on the call, then we should be able to choose what time logs to bill on I have lots of calls with customers while traveling, I cannot open a ticket while driving, and I would forget to log the time at the end of the day. This could a significant loss of revenue.

    Laurie G
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