Feature Ideas

Let us know what you'd like to see in a future release of HaloPSA

  1. Implement message threading on outgoing emails

    Outgoing emails don't have required headers to allow email clients to group them by conversation, please implement this in Halo!

    Mikey O
    #Servicedesk πŸ’πŸ½#Misc 🀷


  2. Secure Password Sending

    Have a secure way of sending passwords to Customers. Via a button in Halo, where you'd type in a password, it'd generate a secure link and embed it into the body of the email - then when the user clicks on the link, they are prompted to enter the ticket number for it. Or are forced into an area of the portal to retrieve the portal. Something like the attached maybe as options

    Matt D
    #Servicedesk πŸ’πŸ½


  3. Move Tickets to Unassigned if Agent is marked as On Holiday/Sick (Automatically)

    At the moment even if an Agent is marked as On Holiday/Sick in Halo, if a User replies back to a ticket the ticket remains with the Agent that is on holiday meaning a lot of manual intervention is needed to check and move tickets. This feature idea is to have a setting/configuration option that would allow a ticket to move to Unassigned when a User replies back to a ticket 'On Hold' or 'In Progress' where the Agent is On Holiday/Sick. I don't think there is currently another way of achieving this (e.g. via rule) - and have checked this out.

    Paul U
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  4. Customize quote approval page

    I would like the ability to customize the quote approval page to add fields to collect additional information, such as the Accounts name and email address for sending invoices to for new agreements.

    Cassie K
    #Quotes & Orders πŸ“„


  5. Microsoft CSP Integration - Licensed Users Only

    Ability to only sync the licensed users, so we do not get all of the addresses in Halo and it keeps it clean.

    Dave K


  6. Serial numbers on invoices

    Currently, we are required to present serial numbers on invoices for some serialized items. At present, there is no variable which allows us to include the serial number of a consigned item in any way on an invoice. The goal is, when we sell something (say a laptop), we should be able to select that item from inventory, and the serial number of the item selected from inventory should appear on the customer's final invoice.

    Justin B


  7. Dashboard Only Agents

    Have the ability to create Dashboard Only Agent for Interactive Displays Similar to API Agent.

    Connor - EZPC Halo C
    #Misc 🀷


  8. 1-Click feedback reliability

    We are seeing increasingly customer mail filters clicking on customer feedback links. This has meant the CSAT statistics are unreliable as the mail filters are clicking on all the smileys Some sort of 2nd click confirmation or disambiguation when multiple feedbacks are left in quick succession would be good

    #Self-Service Portal 🌍


  9. Hudu KB Integration for problem finder

    Currently the problem finder (I think that's what it's called) option only seems to use tickets and KB's in Halo, it would be good if this could also query the global KB's and client KB's in Hudu

    Simon W
    #Servicedesk πŸ’πŸ½#Integrations πŸ”—


  10. Allow more options (e.g. Not Equal to) on Dynamic Field Visibility Restrictions

    As per title, I'm having to add a lot of rules based on values and I'm going to have to edit this list as I add more in the future when all I really want to do is display a field whenever another value is not x.

    William Hilsum - E
    #Misc 🀷


  11. Exclude "General User" from Customer Access Web View

    Currently, when granting Point-of-Contacts the ability to see "Customers tickets" in the Halo Self Service Portal, they are able to see the other users tickets as they expect- but can also see the General User. The General User for us is used to create tickets at the site level, but keep those items internally from the customer. Currently, we cannot allow POCs the ability to see other user tickets as they would be able to see the tickets for the General User. We are using the General User to track Backup Issues, Quote Recommendations, etc. It would be very useful if the 'Customer Tickets' was lower on the list than the 'Site Tickets' so POCs would not have the ability to see the General User unless given Site Tickets as the next phase of access.

    Hunter H
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  12. Further Portal Customizations

    I would like to change the favicon that is shown on the customer portal – right now it’s the red haloPSA favicon which doesn’t match our color scheme at all. Replacing it with our own custom icon preferred, alternatively the ability to set a HEX color code for the existing icon would be a 2nd option Also when going to our portal the loading circle is blue at first, and then changes to our green, is there any way to fix that? Right now the favicon is red, the initial loading circle is blue, and then finally things change to green, which is a pretty bad mis-match of colors Additionally, it would be great to have the option to repeat a background image vertically, right now we had to make a fairly large image in height to have it work on every possible screen/mobile device, but the caveat is that the background image takes a second or two to load in. If we could just have it repeating on the Y axis that would solve the problem, but I was told that it's not possible, even by custom CSS at this time.

    Corey D
    #Styling 🎨#Self-Service Portal 🌍


  13. Allow multiple statuses to mean closed

    Mark multiple statuses as closed. Like in the quote section. We use halo for 2 departements. Our end user facing customer support and our internal it department. Both departments use different names for the statuses. But now we are bound to use the same closed status because otherwise Halo won't flag those tickets with a custom closed status as closed. The end user in the ssp won't see their closed ticket under the closed ticket dropdown and when doing reporting on closed tickets these tickets are not counted.

    Mansy P
    #Servicedesk πŸ’πŸ½


  14. Drop and Drop email address between To, CC and BCC

    You can't easily move around the email addresses when emailing from a ticket. It would be great if you could drag someone from CC and drop into the To section without having to search for that user and delete the other one.

    Tony P
    #Servicedesk πŸ’πŸ½


  15. More than one Closed Ticket Status ID.

    Currently you can only have one Closed Ticket Status. This doesn't really suit how we work as we sometimes Cancel tickets which are raised in error, where as any tickets which are brought to a successful conclusion are 'Resolved'. At the moment when we Cancel tickets, they still show in the User Portal under Open Tickets as the Status itself is classed as an Open status, not closed. We're using the only Closed status we have available as Resolved.

    Rob A
    #Servicedesk πŸ’πŸ½#Self-Service Portal 🌍