Feature Ideas

Let us know what you'd like to see in a future release of HaloPSA

  1. Move Tickets to Unassigned if Agent is marked as On Holiday/Sick (Automatically)

    At the moment even if an Agent is marked as On Holiday/Sick in Halo, if a User replies back to a ticket the ticket remains with the Agent that is on holiday meaning a lot of manual intervention is needed to check and move tickets. This feature idea is to have a setting/configuration option that would allow a ticket to move to Unassigned when a User replies back to a ticket 'On Hold' or 'In Progress' where the Agent is On Holiday/Sick. I don't think there is currently another way of achieving this (e.g. via rule) - and have checked this out.

    Paul U
    #Servicedesk 💁🏽


  2. Implement message threading on outgoing emails

    Outgoing emails don't have required headers to allow email clients to group them by conversation, please implement this in Halo!

    Mikey O
    #Servicedesk 💁🏽#Misc 🤷


  3. Allow multiple statuses to mean closed

    Mark multiple statuses as closed. Like in the quote section. We use halo for 2 departements. Our end user facing customer support and our internal it department. Both departments use different names for the statuses. But now we are bound to use the same closed status because otherwise Halo won't flag those tickets with a custom closed status as closed. The end user in the ssp won't see their closed ticket under the closed ticket dropdown and when doing reporting on closed tickets these tickets are not counted.

    Mansy P
    #Servicedesk 💁🏽


  4. Allow "Holiday" event types to sync to 365 Calendars

    It would be good if the "Holiday" event types synced to Exchange calendars with Microsoft 365. As it stands the "Appointment" event type synchronises to calendars, but holidays do not.

    Ollie T
    #Integrations 🔗


  5. Integration with Cove Data backup from N-able

    Halo has a few N-able integrations but is missing a key offering, Cove Data Protection Cove is an amazing cloud based backup product, It would be amazing to have a link for simple things like subscription tracking to link to recurring invoice items. Primarily 365 backup items but all would be beneficial

    Andrew H
    #Billing 💰#Integrations 🔗#Asset Management 💻


  6. Microsoft Copilot Connector

    Could you please build a Microsoft Copilot Connector that allows interaction with all the data in Halo?

    Craig M
    #Integrations 🔗#API 🤓


  7. Enhance Logicmonior Integration

    Hello, We need the ability to map more fields from logicmonitor for alert processing, asset import, and ticket rules. For example, we may have a custom field on an asset that sets the criticality of a device. Or need to map a specific alert type to a specific priority level. In the current state, the fields that the logicmonitor integration writes to are not usable in ticket rules for evaluation criteria. Also, the summary of tickets generated by logicmonitor is often incomplete, based on the type of alert that generates the ticket, and the initial value of "symptom2" is very hard to read for the newly created tickets. I've had a ticket open to address the readability issues since last September, so posting this on the ideas board to try to get some momentum.

    Andy B
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  8. Pro-ration Calculation

    It would be beneficial if there was more customization to prorations. For instance possibly adding the name of the user or workstation in the prorated line when a new computer or user get's sync'd.

    Aaron S


  9. Allow the "export to CSV" of invoices without Administrator rights

    As confirmed by support [HALO:0669762], the export of an invoice to CSV is currently only possible, if the exporting Agent has full Administrator rights. It would be much better if this could be possible for non-Administrator users. If someone has the right to export invoices to PDF, they should also have the right to export to CSV.

    Carsten B
    #Billing 💰


  10. Rule for Time Taken

    Create a rule that triggers a notification if a ticket has a certan amount of time taken logged on the ticket.

    Jeffrey H
    #Servicedesk 💁🏽


  11. Append Private Note Based on Ticket Rule or Template

    Ideally we want to guide techs on what to do with certain ticket types. Based on ticket rules, we want private notes added which would guide the tech to an URL to an SOP or other helpful information. Right now ticket templates will overwrite the description if you use that field and neither a rule or a template can add/append a private note which would solve for this. The workaround is using popups but a link in a popup isn't clickable and the tech has to copy/paste.

    Brandon B
    #Servicedesk 💁🏽


  12. Ubiquiti Unifi Controller integration

    we use the Unifi Hardware stack for most of our networking as the controller for this is free and doesnt require a subscription. this controller uses standard Rest api to collect information. (www.ui.com) I have currently created a powershell based integration that collects all sites and hardware from the unifi controller and updates them via api in Halo. However, due to api throtteling this process is quite prone to error. It would be realy nice to have this as a proper integration. This api is Documented here: https://ubntwiki.com/products/software/unifi-controller/api

    #Integrations 🔗#Asset Management 💻#API 🤓


  13. Dashboard Only Agents

    Have the ability to create Dashboard Only Agent for Interactive Displays Similar to API Agent.

    Connor - EZPC Halo C
    #Misc 🤷


  14. Drop and Drop email address between To, CC and BCC

    You can't easily move around the email addresses when emailing from a ticket. It would be great if you could drag someone from CC and drop into the To section without having to search for that user and delete the other one.

    Tony P
    #Servicedesk 💁🏽


  15. Every view needs export to CSV/XLSX

    Every view is useful and that's why you added all these views. Unpaid invoices, sites & users for a client, etc. Why can't I export them? We all agree they are very useful and concise collections of business data, but we're limited to seeing 50 rows and we can't export it. It's useful! You know it's useful! You put it in the application! Let me have the data! Thanks

    Eric R
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